Research Reagent Repository

The OPTIMALVAC Research Reagent Repository may be accessed by following the link


Tools for Data Management and Analysis



Routine Culturing of Plasmodium falciparum - Edinburgh (Download)

Growth Inhibition Assay (GIA) - Edinburgh (Download)

Growth Inhibition Assay (GIA) - BPRC (Download)

Antigen Reversal GIA - BPRC (Download)

ELISA - Edinburgh (Download)

ELISA - BPRC (Download)

Immuno-Fluorecence Assay (IFA) - Edinburgh (Download)

Avidity ELISA (Download)

Competition ELISA (Download)

Measles ELISA (Download)

2 cycle GIA with pLDH assay (Download)

OPTIMALVAC IFA protocol (Download)


GIA Data Analysis and Management Application: GIADAMA

Software Tool (Download)


Auditable Data Management System for Elisa: ADAMSEL 

Manual (Download)

Software Tool 1 (Download)

Software Tool 2 (Download)