Five additional groups joined TRANSVAC and provide their services to users on a free and paid basis

In addition to the initial groups, TRANSVAC transnational access platform has integrated five additional groups, who provide their services to users on a free and paid basis. Read the TRANSVAC Press release about the new services.


The new services available on a free basis are the MultiBac Platform Service from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL, France). Free access has been reserved and made available for vaccine-related projects by the BioSTRUCT-X project/research infrastructure.

Interested users can obtain more information on the paid services on the TRANSVAC website, and can liaise directly with service providers until new funding is available within TRANSVAC.  An “advisory scientific review process” is also offered to the applicants who require advice on their project, objectives, and methodology used.  This review process is organised in parallel with the review of applications to the free-of-charge services.