The overall routine and daily management of the initiative will be delegated to the Secretariat. The Secretariat is essentially the management team and will be composed of the Project Manager and the administrative support personnel. The secretariat will play an essential role in providing the operational structure to ensure efficient and transparent communication between the partners and committees.

The Global Coordination Manager, under the supervision of partner 8 (WHO) will ensure that the achievements and deliverables of OPTIMALVAC are reviewed, discussed and translated in recommendation at global level, i.e. the Malaria Vaccine Funders Group. This position will be supported by OPTIMALVAC management budget, for 1 year full-time equivalent spread over the whole duration of the project.

The Project Manager, under the supervision of the Coordinator will:

  • Coordinate the schedule of implementation of activities in the work-programmes
  • Verify actual progress against the planned implementation
  • Overall organization and tracking of meetings, workshops and conferences of the partners
  • Organize the review meetings and teleconferences for SC and TAC
  • Contribute to the organization of workshops with the WP leader
  • Support working group leaders in seeking technical or administrative advice from the TAC
  • Ensure maintenance of effective communication within the partnership
  • Coordinate the dissemination and sharing of knowledge and information between partners
  • Account for project milestones and deliverables
  • Maintain transparency and accountability for the decisions made at each level of the partnership. This will be done through detailed accounting and reporting of meetings, discussions, workshops, as well as decisions or recommendations acted upon.

The Coordinator will:

  • Negotiate and administer the financial contribution from the commission
  • Be responsible for all communication and flow of information from the partnership to the EC and from the EC to the partnership
  • Be responsible for the distribution of the EC financial contribution adhering to the decisions taken by the Steering committee and approved by the TAC
  • Will manage the secretariat
  • Is the Scientific coordinator of the project