Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is composed of the following members:

Dr.Odile Leroy, EVI, Coordinator, Chairperson

Dr.Patrice Dubois, ImmunoVacc Consulting

Dr. Ed Remarque, BPRC

Dr. Vasee Moorthy, WHO, Vice-Chair

Dr. Ya Ping Shi, CDC

Dr. Emily Locke, PATH MVI

Dr. Babatunde Imoukhuede, EVI

Dr.David Cavanagh (Observer), UEDIN

The Steering Committee is the main decision making body for the partnership and is responsible for:  

  • Presenting overall strategic objectives of the initiative, and proposing a framework that shows a work programme and the implementation of a work programme to achieve the objective
  • The implementation of work plans within the accepted work programme
  • Taking the decisions needed to effectively implement the work programme and achieve deliverables
  • Changes and additions to the partners in the initiative
  • Discussion on financial allocation and distribution of resources according to the proposed work programme
  • First arbitration of any difficult issues that could not be resolved in the working groups