Working group/Work Package Teams

Each Working Group will be led by a working group leader, who will chair the group and be responsible for overall coordination and the follow-up of the implementation of activities of the relevant work plan. The leader will also be responsible for convening the group in meetings and maintain efficient communication between the working group members.

Working Group Leaders will chair meetings and discussions for decision-making over work plans and prioritise activities to undertake. Key activities will be formulated, along with implementation plans within the groups in meetings occurring through telephone or video conference as well as scheduled face-to-face meetings as required. Assay rationale, acceptance criteria of assay performance and results will also be discussed and formulated collectively by the group. Each working group should meet every 3 months via teleconference and convene face-to-face meetings as required.

The working groups will be responsible for:

  • Formulating detailed work plan of activity and proposing allocation of tasks and resources to achieve the workplan objectives; for approval from the Steering Committee
  • Identify and discuss potential difficulties and barriers associated with achieving the objectives  
  • Highlight and present any difficult issues that need the arbitration of the Steering committee
  • Technical and administrative/financial reporting of the progress of the work plan

Decisions will be taken by the group collectively and presented to the Steering committee by the group leader. Should there be any dissent that the technical coordinator cannot resolve, this will be presented to the Steering committee who will be the arbitrating committee. Should there be any dissent within the Steering committee; the Steering committee will request the technical advisory committee to advise on the question.