ImmunoVacc Consulting

Dr. Patrice Dubois

ImmunoVacc Consulting was established in 2003 to provide consulting services in the development of assays for monitoring immune responses in small animal models, non human primates and humans. The expertise of ImmunoVacc Consulting includes the development of assays to monitor in vivo cytotoxic activity using flow cytometry and ex vivo T cell responses such as expression of cytokines and effector functions using flow based assays and Elispot. This expertise is based on both academic and industry experience in vaccine research and development and in the evaluation of cellular immune responses in animals and humans. Other activities include hands on training of laboratory personnel for flow based immune response analysis, capacity building and training workshops.

The role of ImmunoVacc Consulting will be to coordinate and lead WP3 and participate in the management of WP3 which covers the harmonization of T cell assays. This will be done in close collaboration with the HIV and Tb vaccine communities.