WP8 Global Project coordination and Management

Lead participant: World Health Organization

This WP will focus on integrating the activities of OPTIMALVAC in the global context of malaria vaccine development, mainly through the already existing Malaria Vaccine Funder’s Group (MVFG). WHO/IVR has a key role in the global coordination of the activities linked to the development of the malaria vaccines in the global context of malaria control and/or eradication. WHO/IVR, in close collaboration with the other funders, is responsible to manage the MVFG by organising the activities and by setting the rules and procedures, and by issuing opinions and recommendations.

In the context of OPTIMALVAC, WHO/IVR will specifically ensure that the harmonisation of immuno-assays will take place in order to have accurate and reliable decision criteria for comparison of the different vaccine candidates. The effort of harmonisation will also be critical in developing tools to assess the progress of the different projects of malaria vaccine.

The key activities will include:

  • Establishing links, identifying synergy and fostering collaboration with ongoing or future assay development and harmonization efforts.
  • Integrating the activities of OPTIMALVAC with the global strategy for malaria vaccine development.
  • Coordinating strategies for the establishment of future assay reference centres.

OPTIMALVAC global coordinator will also participate in all the operation of the secretariat of the MVFG under WHO responsibility, such as implementation of the process for the global portfolio management, and all activities necessary to set-up a pro-active, re-active and flexible secretariat of the MVFG, to foster and strengthen the cooperation with the different partners.