WP7 Project coordination and management

Lead participant: European Vaccine Initiative

This WP will ensure an efficient and timely management of the consortium and the coordination activities.

The key activities will include:

  • Establish the essential coordination and management requirements in order to get the partnership mobilized into the defined work plans and objectives  
  • Organization of kick-off meeting, and meetings of the Steering Committee, and the Technical Advisory Committee
  • Create and establish an effective communication and tracking tool for the partnership
  • Establish operational management of the Coordinating Action through the operationalisation of the SC

The initiative will be under the responsibility of the Coordinator. The Executive Director of EVI serves as Head of the Secretariat and as Scientific Coordinator of the project.

Administrative Coordinator/Administrative support: Interface between OPTIMALVAC and the EU and responsible for all financial management and related administrative issues to the EU.

Project manager: Responsible for the day-to-day management and smooth running of OPTIMALVAC.

Technical Coordinator: Overall responsibility and supervision over Project Manager and includes responsibility for the common coordination/management activities.