WP5 Data Management, Statistical Analysis and Dissemination

Lead participant: Biomedical Primate Research Center
This WP will focus on harmonizing data calculations, statistical analyses, reporting and storage of data for each of the assays described in WP1-3. In addition, it will focus on the statistical analysis of data obtained in the participating laboratories for each of the assays described in WP1-4. The dissemination of results will be effectuated through a web space, allowing the participating laboratories to upload results emanating from the assays optimization and harmonization effort, and download harmonized SOP, software tools and the results from statistical analyses. The software tools will be designed in such a way that the data audit trail remains transparent and facilitates statistical analyses.
The key activities include:
  • Harmonizing protocol and SOP formats and publication of harmonized protocols and SOPs on the web space
  • Setting up a protocol and SOP database for open access to all participants
  • Provision of open-source software tools for the calculation of assay read-outs for the assays described in WP1-3
  • Harmonizing the data report format for each assay
  • Setting up a web space where participants can upload data obtained during assay optimization and harmonization, and download SOPs, software tools and analysis results. The web space will also provide general information (e.g. clinical trials information, links to relevant sites etc), as well as a forum with questions and answers relating to malaria assays
  • Harmonize statistical analyses of data obtained with each of the assays described in WP 1-4 and provision of software tools to perform these analyses
  • An agreed statistical analysis plan for the identification of factors influencing assay performance in both an inter- and intra- laboratory context
  • Performance and reporting of central statistical analyses of assay data