WP3 Assays assessing cell-mediated immune (CMI) responses

Lead participant: ImmunoVacc Consulting
This WP will focus on harmonizing T cell-mediated immune assays in the context of malaria vaccine development. Activities will include identifying key parameters in Elispot and ICS which are relevant to malaria vaccine evaluation. WP3 will benefit from experience gained by other groups including the HIV and TB communities which are or have been involved in harmonization of these assays. The optimization and harmonization of the T cell assays will be done in close consultation with the HIV and TB vaccine communities. It will also participate in ongoing global efforts in T cell assay harmonization sponsored by the Malaria Vaccine Initiative.
Key activities include:
  • Identifying key parameters and relevant T cell assay or assays suited to malaria vaccine evaluation
  • Harmonizing protocols for detection of T cell responses
  • Harmonizing staining, acquisition and data analysis procedures using the existing fixed cell standard available at NIBSC (only applies to the ICS assay)
  • Harmonizing data analysis procedures
  • Performing intra and inter laboratory assay variability
  • Inter-laboratory training, training of 1-2 African scientists in the Afro-Immuno-Assay network