WP2 Cell dependent parasite inhibition assays

This WP will focus on the optimization and harmonization of selected assay(s) in terms of assay performance criteria, development and selection of a common SOP, IgG or plasma preparation and storage methods, optimal parasite culture conditions (including strain selection and speed of growth), threshold of positive response and perform intra and inter-laboratory assay variability tests using coded samples and standards.
Key activities include:
  • Identifying optimal conditions for preparation of purified IgG and/or handling and storage of serum samples
  • Identification of optimal parasite strains and culture conditions
  • Identification of an ADCI effective cell line, production of Master and Working Cell Banks and Identification of Markers to characterize the biologically effective phenotype
  • Optimizing cell dependent parasite inhibition assays protocols
  • Drafting common SOPs
  • Optimizing of assay(s) components
  • Developing and testing reference reagents
  • Perform intra and inter laboratory assays variability tests
  • Inter-laboratory training, training of 1-2 African scientists in the Afro-Immuno-Assay network

Note: optimal conditions for the storage of sera or IgG preparations will have to be identified and tested. This activity will be carried out jointly to avoid duplication.